Siya Kolisi buys house that’s next to the beach for his dad

Springbok captain Siya Kolisi has made headlines once again, this time for a heartwarming gesture towards his father, Ray Kolisi.

In a recent interview, Ray Kolisi shared details about his son’s successful rugby career and the generous gift he received from Siya.

Ray Kolisi expressed his pride and gratitude for his son’s accomplishments, revealing that Siya had purchased a new house for him in Bluewater Bay next to the sea.

The gesture, which took place last year in March, stands as a testament to Siya’s appreciation for his father and his desire to provide for his family.

Reflecting on Siya’s achievements on the rugby field, Ray Kolisi also touched upon the Rugby World Cup victory that Siya’s team secured last year.

“It’s still new to me. It’s even worse that it’s a back-to-back victory. I was happy with the first World Cup. I will never forget it,” Ray shared.

The proud father emphasized the joy and happiness that Siya’s success has brought to the family.

Despite Siya’s demanding rugby career and frequent travels, Ray expressed his desire for his son to continue expanding his horizons, including learning new languages.

“I would like Siya to speak French. Three years is too long [not to even] pick up one word,” Ray remarked, highlighting his hopes for Siya’s personal growth and development beyond the rugby field.

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