Single mother arrested after she used her son to quench her thirst

A mother has been arrested after she used her son to quench her insatiable appetite.

Oshana police commander Naftali Lungameni Sakaria confirmed the incident, stating that the 37-year-old woman was arrested for the despicable crime.

The details of the case are truly disturbing. According to Sakaria, the mother would undress her nine-year-old son, play with his private parts, and force him to engage in sexual activities.

When the boy resisted, she resorted to using firewood to burn him, causing even more trauma to the young victim.

It is truly heartbreaking to think of the pain and suffering that this innocent child must have endured at the hands of his own mother.

The arrest of the suspect is a step towards justice for the young boy, who has been through unimaginable horrors.

The community member who reported the incident should be commended for their quick action in bringing the abuse to light and ensuring that the perpetrator faces the consequences of her actions.

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