Singer loses gig and social media followers after her video went viral

Jelly Babie has found herself at the center of controversy after a video of her insulting a cashier went viral.

The incident has led to a significant backlash from fans, netizens, and businesses, leading to her being effectively “cancelled” in the entertainment industry.

The viral video shows Jelly Babie engaging in an argument with a cashier, using inappropriate language and insults.

The behaviour displayed in the video has been widely condemned by the public, with many expressing their disappointment and disapproval of the singer’s actions.

One of the immediate consequences of Jelly Babie’s actions is the termination of her partnership with P Squared Beauty Parlour, a popular beauty salon.

Following the incident, the beauty parlour took to social media to announce the end of their collaboration with the singer, citing a misalignment of values in light of her recent actions.

The salon also revealed that loyal customers had expressed dismay and some even threatened to leave due to the controversy surrounding Jelly Babie.

In addition to losing business partnerships, Jelly Babie has also experienced a significant decline in her social media following.

Many fans and followers have chosen to distance themselves from the singer, unfollowing her accounts and expressing their disapproval of her behaviour.

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