Sgt Silindile Masondo hunts down mother of abandoned toddler

Durban police officer Sergeant Silindile Masondo has recently got positive attention for her exceptional actions.

Sergeant Silindile Masondo caring for abandoned toddler

Sergeant Silindile Masondo with abandoned baby

Over the weekend, she was spotted at Ntuzuma police station with a toddler strapped to her back, as she cared for the abandoned child until social workers could intervene.

During this time, Masondo ensured the child’s immediate needs were met by purchasing clothes and food.

Mother arrested for abandoning her child

Thanks to the efforts of Masondo and the Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offenses (FCS) unit, the child’s mother, who reportedly abandoned the child due to personal “problems,” has been located and charged with child abandonment.

The mother is currently in custody awaiting further legal proceedings. Masondo’s compassionate response and the swift actions of the FCS unit highlight the importance of both community policing and accountability in cases of child welfare.


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