See: Grootman threatens to release part 2 as things get heated

Social media is currently buzzing with the controversial development surrounding influencer Grootman, also known as Themba Selahle.

After a salacious video involving Grootman and his ex-girlfriend, Gcinile Twala, went viral last Monday, the influencer hinted at the possibility of releasing more footage from the intimate tape, creating an uproar among the online community. As reported by Scrolla Africa.

The explicit content featuring Grootman and Twala sparked heated debates on social media, with many speculating that Grootman himself might have leaked the video for publicity.

However, the influencer vehemently denied these allegations and instead pointed the finger at Twala.

Grootman’s stance on this controversy has seemingly taken a legal turn.

He expressed his intention to initiate legal proceedings against Twala, accusing her of intentionally leaking the video to gain public attention and sympathy after their breakup.

In a statement rebuffing claims of his complicity in the leak, Grootman said, “She took a while to claim she was abused because everyone expected that after a breakup.”

He criticized Twala’s need to garner attention by exhibiting her moving on with a new partner, referring to it as a bid to ‘show-off.’

Deriding Twala’s current relationship, he scorned, “She’s with a loser again, just like before.”

This sharp comment implies an unresolved bitterness between the former couple, thus adding a personal and emotional dimension to this scandal.

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