Security guard aged 30 shoots 16-year-old boy in a fight over a girl

A dispute over a girl took a dangerous turn as a schoolboy was shot and wounded in Heideveld, with the 16-year-old sustaining injuries from a pellet gun to his arm and chest.

The incident unfolded outside Cathkin High School, prompting the victim to be rushed to Heideveld Daily Hospital for medical treatment.

The victim’s grandmother, 69, expressed shock over the shooting, revealing that the altercation stemmed from a past relationship involving a girl.

She stated, “We don’t know what really happened but we know that it was over a girl he was involved with about a year ago.”

The shooter, a 30-year-old security guard, defended his actions, explaining that he was protecting his 18-year-old brother following a previous altercation with the victim.

Recounting the events, he shared, “On Saturday, the two went to the shop when they were stopped by the 16-year-old boy and he confronted them about the girlfriend’s issue.”

The security guard described the escalation of the conflict outside the school, emphasizing his role in safeguarding his brother against a threatening mob armed with knives.

Fearing for their safety, he resorted to using his service pistol, firing pepper pellets to deter the assailants.

Manenberg police spokesperson Captain Ian Bennett confirmed the incident, indicating that a case of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm has been opened against the security guard.

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