SASSA officials bring sangomas to the offices to perform witchcraft

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offices in Mkhondo, Mpumalanga, have been temporarily closed for the past two weeks due to an alleged incident of witchcraft caught on security video footage. This shocking incident has caused concern among the staff and the wider community.

SASSA officials bring sangomas to office

According to reports, the incident involves a manager at the SASSA offices who allegedly invited three traditional healers, also known as sangomas, to perform rituals inside the offices.

The incident came to light after some officials raised concerns about the presence of suspicious remnants, such as scattered needles, found throughout the offices, including on their tables.

Upon reviewing the security footage, it was discovered that one of the sangomas could be seen moving from one office desk to another, kneeling next to officials’ chairs with needles and red candles while reciting some form of ritual. This behavior has left the staff feeling traumatised and uneasy about returning to work.

The video footage has since circulated on social media, showing a man dressed in traditional sangoma attire moving from one work station to another and performing rituals after the staff had left for the day.

The two officials involved in the practise of witchcraft at the offices have since been suspended.


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