Saka’s controversial penalty shout splits football world

Arsenal legends Ian Wright and Martin Keown found themselves at odds over a controversial penalty shout involving Bukayo Saka during the thrilling Champions League quarter-final clash against Bayern Munich.

The contentious moment unfolded in the dying embers of injury time, as Arsenal and Bayern battled to a 2-2 draw in a pulsating encounter at the Emirates Stadium.

Saka, who had initially put Arsenal in front, found himself at the center of the late drama when he went down in the box after colliding with Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The England winger’s penalty shout sparked heated debate among fans and pundits alike, with Wright and Keown expressing contrasting views on the incident.

While Saka vehemently protested the non-call, Wright believed that the referee’s decision was justified, stating, “Not a pen for me. Work to do in Munich.”

In contrast, Keown sided with Saka’s perspective, highlighting the significance of the contentious moment and the potential impact it could have had on the outcome of the match.

The match concluded in a stalemate, with Arsenal left ruing the missed opportunity to secure a late victory.

Saka’s frustration at the referee’s decision was palpable as he confronted the official in the aftermath of the match, expressing his disbelief at the outcome.

The controversial penalty shout added an extra layer of drama to an already enthralling contest, leaving fans and pundits alike divided in their opinions on the incident.

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