Sadio Mane’s marriage to 18-year-old was arranged and the two never dated

Sadio Mane recently revealed that he had a traditional arranged marriage to his teenage wife, Aissata Tamba.

The couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Senegal just days before the Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast.

While the pair met through Mane’s agent, they never dated before getting married.

Aissata’s father, Amadou Tamba, explained that the couple was introduced over two years ago, when Aissata was just 16 years old.

However, they never dated due to Aissata’s young age.

Tamba said, “They were not dating because Aisha was still young.”

The marriage was agreed upon when Aissata was still in school, but both families decided to wait until she turned 18.

Tamba also mentioned that Mane’s parents appreciated Aissata and that the couple’s families discussed and agreed on the marriage according to tradition.

Mane took care of Aissata’s bills during this time.

Tamba expressed that his daughter accepted the marriage voluntarily, guided and advised by her parents.

He added, “God did what’s best for her.”

It was revealed that Aissata’s father is good friends with Mane’s uncle, who acted as a go-between for the two families.

They made a formal marriage proposal after Aissata’s father met with Mane’s agent for a project.

Mane, known for his philanthropic work in his hometown of Bambali, has funded several construction projects, including a school, health center, post office, and a small football stadium.

This highlights his commitment to giving back to his community and making a positive impact.

Arranged marriages are still prevalent in many cultures around the world, and Mane’s story sheds light on this tradition.

Despite not dating before their marriage, Mane and Aissata seem to be happy and content with their union.

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