Ridiculed former Gagasi FM presenter offered a job

Penny Ntuli, a former radio presenter who recently made headlines after leaving Gagasi FM due to a meager monthly salary offer, has received a heartwarming gesture from ActionSA’s KwaZulu-Natal Premier candidate, Zwakele Mncwango.

Mncwango, moved by Ntuli’s story and the public response it garnered, extended a job offer to her in the private sector.

Following the public outcry over Ntuli’s reported salary offer of R2800 per month, social media users expressed their outrage, prompting Mncwango to step in and offer assistance.

Speaking on his decision, Mncwango emphasized the importance of supporting individuals in need, especially in the face of disparaging comments from other public figures.

In a statement, Mncwango shared his motivation for reaching out to Ntuli, stating, “Her story touched me, especially when I saw comments from other politicians disrespecting her. Just seeing the leaders making fun of someone’s sister is not helping.”

He highlighted the need for empathy and solidarity, underscoring the importance of extending a helping hand to those facing challenges.

While Ntuli has yet to respond to Mncwango’s offer, he remains understanding of the public discourse surrounding her situation.

Mncwango refrained from disclosing further details about the job offer out of respect for Ntuli’s privacy but shared that it pertains to the medical field and is not politically related.

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