Quarrel with security guards has cost Cynthia Ngxesha her job after she was found guilty of insubordination

The South African Local Government Bargaining Council has delivered a final verdict on the case of senior Bay supply chain director Cynthia Ngxesha, ruling that she be dismissed following a tumultuous period of suspension and legal proceedings.

The decision was handed down by Ntombekhaya Sesani on February 29, marking the culmination of a protracted ordeal for Ngxesha.

Ngxesha’s troubles began in June 2021 when she was suspended for insubordination after attempting to return to work following a period of special leave.

Initially placed on leave due to concerns about threats and workplace stress, Ngxesha’s attempt to resume her duties was met with rejection by security officers, leading to a charge of insubordination.

Despite a three-month suspension initially, the ordeal extended for 2½ years, ultimately resulting in her dismissal.

While Ngxesha was cleared of certain charges, including misconduct towards security personnel, she was found guilty of gross insubordination, gross misconduct, and compromising the municipality’s credibility.

The impact of her actions, which drew media attention and scrutiny, was cited as a contributing factor in the ruling.

Ngxesha, who declined to provide a comment on the ruling, faces the consequences of her actions as the case reaches its conclusion.

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