Protectors become perpetrators: Two married cops jailed for raping their own daughter

A 53-year-old police sergeant has been handed an effective 30-year prison sentence for raping his stepdaughter over a period spanning from 2018 to 2021.

The high court in East London delivered the verdict, which also saw the sergeant’s wife, a 36-year-old constable and the child’s biological mother, sentenced to five years in prison or a R5,000 fine for her failure to report the heinous crimes after her daughter confided in her.

The rapes, which commenced when the victim was just 13 years old, have left a lasting impact on the survivor.

The court handed down a 25-year sentence for rape and an additional five-year jail term for two counts of sexual assault, with the sentences not set to run concurrently.

The severity of the sentences reflects the gravity of the crimes committed and underscores the commitment to ensuring justice for the survivor.

The case was brought to light after the victim’s aunt assisted her in reporting the abuse to the Independent Police Investigating Directorate (Ipid).

In a statement, Ipid commended the aunt for her support in helping the survivor navigate the legal process, as well as the investigating officer and prosecutor for their diligent efforts in ensuring that justice was served.

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