Principal in Trouble for Forcing Students to Learn in Bathrooms

Learners at a school in North West, South Africa, were reportedly forced to study in toilets, leading to swift action against the school principal.

The principal has now been placed on special leave for five days pending an investigation, according to Mphata Molokwane, a spokesperson for the North West Department of Education.

The disturbing conditions at the school came to light after the reopening of schools on January 17, prompting the department to dispatch a team to address the issue.


Photograph of the students learning in the bathroom

Molokwane expressed disbelief at the principal’s decision, stating:

“The department found that the principal committed a serious mistake by utilizing the toilets as classrooms, even when the school had enough classrooms for learning and teaching.”

The school, attended by 211 students, boasts five teachers and seven classrooms, some of which are reportedly not being used to their full capacity.

Despite having adequate space, the principal allegedly resorted to conducting classes in the toilets, raising questions about the decision-making process.

While the largest classroom can accommodate 34 learners, and the average-sized classrooms can house 20 pupils, the department remains puzzled by the principal’s choice to subject students to such inhumane conditions.

Molokwane clarified that the principal has not been suspended but placed on special leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

What’s going to happen to the Principal

He stated, “The principal is not suspended; we are still investigating.”

“As soon as the matter is resolved, we will be able to announce the results.”

The department also discovered additional errors by the principal, including hiring teachers from nearby schools without consulting officials. ‘

The South African Union of Learners (SAUL) has called for action against the principal, citing his alleged incompetence and disregard for educational standards.

SAUL President Oratile Levuno declared:

“The principal is unfit to manage education-related issues, oversee a school, and guarantee the security and well-being of everyone in his care.”

Levuno mentioned the need for immediate intervention by authorities overseeing the educational system in the North West.

Viola Motsumi, the MEC for education in North West, echoed the sentiments of outrage, stressing the severity of the principal’s decision.

“I have put together a team to formally investigate this incident and pursue appropriate consequences,” said Motsumi.

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