Principal aged 50 whose accused of raping 4-year-old girl resigns before investigations even begin

An Eastern Cape school principal accused of raping a four-year-old girl has stepped down from his position amid the ongoing criminal case.

The principal, who was employed at a school in Dutywa, remains in custody following his arrest in September 2023 for the alleged assault that took place at his residence in Butterworth.

Suspicions arose among staff at the daycare center attended by the child, leading to a report to the girl’s mother regarding possible sexual abuse.

Malibongwe Mtima, spokesperson for the provincial education department, confirmed the principal’s resignation, noting that he voluntarily stepped down before the department initiated its own investigation into the rape allegations.

“We discourage teachers from resigning while facing legal proceedings,” Mtima emphasized.

“The department’s policy does not support educators implicated in serious offenses like rape from resigning during investigations.”

He highlighted that premature resignation during an ongoing inquiry could be viewed as an admission of guilt, potentially resulting in disciplinary action under the Employment of Educators Act.

Expressing concern over teachers accused of such grave offenses, Mtima underscored the department’s commitment to upholding accountability and due process in addressing misconduct allegations within the educational sector.

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