Popular actress,Sophie Ndaba,has been discharged from hospital

Actress and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba was discharged from a Johannesburg hospital today after being treated for a snapped ankle and a broken pelvic bone. She sustained the injuries after slipping and falling at home while trying on a dress, following a day of playing golf with friends.

Sophie Ndaba discharged from hospital

Ndaba reflected on the incident, saying it taught her the importance of being present and mindful, as distractions can lead to accidents. “We get lost in our thoughts sometimes,” she remarked.

Her mobility is a bit compromised. “I have had to cancel a few work commitments as my mobility has been inconvenienced, touch is a move akere.”

She cannot wait to be back on her feet and working on her wellness business. “I have been hospitalised before; I know what it’s like. Sometimes, it’s a thing to stay alert or maybe to take a break, but everything happens for a reason.”


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