Police officer arrested for drug trafficking

South African Police Service (SAPS) in KwaZulu-Natal have arrested one of their own. Reports indicate that a constable stationed at Verulam is accused of transporting illicit substances,which includes, mandrax, crystal meth, and cocaine. He did this in his full police uniform while driving a marked vehicle.

The arrest happened when a joint operation involving members from Metro Police ORS, DPCI anti-gang unit, provincial tracking team, Newlands detectives, and Magma Security & Investigations cornered the officer in Umhlanga.


Police officer arrested

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Following the arrest, law enforcement officers escorted the constable to his residence, where a subsequent search uncovered a a stack of 13 cellphones suspected to be stolen, alongside unlicensed ammunition.

Preliminary estimates street value of the seized narcotics at approximately R7,000, with the cellphones valued at R10,000, and the ammunition at R3,000.

In a another surprising twist, investigators suspect the constable of maintaining ties with a known drug dealer, allegedly moonlighting as a protector, and potentially linked to a recent attempted murder of a Metro Police officer.


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