Police hunt for Malawian tenant who killed his landlords boyfriend over a R10 electricity voucher

Grassy Park has once again been rocked by a brutal murder after a tenant killed his landlords boyfriend.

The suspect, Tocha Engo Mbwala, a Malawian man, is currently on the run from the police after allegedly beating his landlord’s boyfriend, Faiyaaz Maidene, to death in a violent altercation over electricity.

According to police spokesperson Wynita Kleinsmith, the incident took place on 20 September 2023 at a local day hospital where both Mbwala and Maidene were being treated for serious injuries.

The argument between the two men reportedly began over prepaid electricity, with Mbwala accusing Maidene of not providing him with enough electricity for his shack in the backyard of Maidene’s girlfriend’s home in the Phumlani Informal Settlement.

Kleinsmith explained that the suspect had purchased a R10 prepaid electricity voucher the week before, but it was not sufficient for his needs.

When he returned with another R10 voucher the following week, a heated argument ensued between him and the deceased.

A fight ensued between the two.

Tragically, Maidene succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical treatment, leading to Mbwala fleeing the scene and evading capture ever since.

The police have been actively searching for Mbwala, believing that he may have fled to another province to avoid arrest.

The shocking and senseless nature of this crime has left the community of Grassy Park reeling, with many calling for justice to be served for the untimely death of Faiyaaz Maidene.

As the search for Tocha Engo Mbwala continues, the authorities are urging anyone with information on his whereabouts to come forward and assist in bringing him to justice.

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