Photos of Sihle Sibisi getting cosy with King Misuzulu go viral after her TB Joshua revelation

Pictures of Sihle Sibisi and King Misuzulu have certainly piqued the interest of many.

Sibisi, the founder of the Kwanele Foundation, rose to prominence after appearing in a BBC documentary on TB Joshua, where she bravely shared her alleged experiences of abuse at his church.

However, controversy soon followed as controversial Zimbabwean cleric Jay Israel accused Sibisi of fabricating the abuse claims and suggested she was paid by the BBC.

But now, amidst all the drama, photographs of Sibisi and King Misuzulu together have come to light. In an interview with ZiMoja, Sibisi confirmed that she had indeed dated the King.

However, she also revealed feeling intimidated after their relationship ended and expressed fear for her life.

Sibisi even reported filing an intimidation charge at the police station due to anonymous threats.

Despite the accusations thrown her way, Sibisi vehemently denied using her connection with King Misuzulu to tarnish his image.

She defended herself against claims of being a homewrecker, emphasizing her understanding of polygamy.

“It is unfair to accuse me of being a homewrecker when I do understand polygamy. I loved that man and I still do, but we are better off apart. This thing of spreading lies about me is not on. I am at peace with being single now,” she stated.

As for the rumours surrounding a possible miscarriage of King Misuzulu’s child, Sibisi chose not to comment on the matter.

It seems that she wishes to keep certain aspects of her personal life private, and rightfully so.

These pictures and revelations have certainly stirred up curiosity among the public.

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