Phaahla throws junior doctors under the bus

Health Minister Joe Phaahla recently addressed concerns regarding the high number of unemployed medical graduates in South Africa.

He attributed this issue to the increasing pressure on healthcare budgets, which is partly due to the large salary bill.

As of now, there are 645 unemployed junior doctors who have completed their community service in December but have not yet been placed by the National Department of Health.

This has sparked public outcry, especially considering the severe understaffing in government hospitals.

The high number of unemployed medical graduates is a result of various factors.

The increasing pressure on healthcare budgets has limited the funds available for hiring new medical professionals.

The large salary bill, which includes the salaries of existing healthcare workers, consumes a significant portion of the budget, leaving limited resources for new hires.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has further strained healthcare budgets and resources.

The demand for healthcare services has surged, leading to increased expenditures on medical supplies, equipment, and infrastructure.

This has left little room for the recruitment of new doctors.

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