Oscar Mabuyane turns to the Bible to spice up ANC Eastern Cape manifesto launch

Provincial chair Oscar Mabuyane delivered a spirited address infused with evangelism in an effort to rally ANC supporters and bolster the party’s chances of retaining power.

Speaking to a large crowd at the Mamityi Gidana sports field in Ndlovini township during the party’s provincial manifesto launch, Mabuyane expressed confidence in the ANC’s victory in the upcoming elections and his bid for a second term as premier.

The presence of former premiers Noxolo Kiviet and Phumulo Masualle, seated together on the podium, added to the atmosphere of unity and determination within the party.

Mabuyane, referring to Masualle as “my chairperson,” highlighted the reconciliation between the two leaders who had been affiliated with different ANC factions since the fiercely contested provincial conference in September 2017.

During his speech, Mabuyane drew inspiration from biblical scriptures, emphasizing themes of triumph and resilience.

Quoting passages such as John 9:7 and Isaiah 54:17, he likened the ANC’s mission to restoring lives and overcoming challenges.

Despite predictions of a tough electoral battle and skepticism from political analysts, Mabuyane remained steadfast in his belief in the party’s resilience and ability to prevail.

“That is the ANC for you, because today we know we have restored people’s lives,” he said.

  “As we face the upcoming elections, which have been dubbed the most difficult our movement will face, we must remember the words of the Lord in Isaiah 54:17, where he says ‘No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper’. Indeed comrades, there are many weapons formed against the ANC,” said Mabuyane.

In a symbolic gesture, Mabuyane invoked a popular sangoma phrase, ‘Vumani Bo!’, to gauge the supporters’ alignment with the party’s vision of retaining power after the upcoming elections.

He emphasized that the ANC’s success hinged not only on its members and followers but also on the guidance and support of ancestral spirits.

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