Orlando Pirates goalkeeper given some time off as he struggles to deal with hijacking

Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Melusi Buthelezi found himself at the center of a harrowing hijack and kidnapping incident last week, marking the second time in two years that he has experienced such a traumatic ordeal.

The shot-stopper was hijacked and taken hostage in Thokoza, East of Johannesburg, on Thursday, leaving him shaken and grappling with the aftermath of the distressing incident.

A source close to Buthelezi revealed the emotional toll that the hijacking has taken on the goalkeeper, emphasizing the psychological impact of the repeated trauma.

“No one deserves what happened to him, especially if it happens twice,” the source expressed sympathetically.

“Crime in the country is just too much. He is acting all tough around people, but you can tell that deep inside, he is not okay. I don’t think anyone who has been hijacked twice would feel okay.”

Despite the challenges that Buthelezi faces in coping with the aftermath of the incident, the source highlighted the support that the club has provided to the goalkeeper during this difficult time.

Drawing parallels with Vincent Pule’s past experience with a similar ordeal, the source emphasized the importance of allowing Buthelezi the necessary time and space to process and overcome the traumatic event.

“I’m happy the club also gave him some time off to sort out everything he needs to sort out, he’ll be okay,” the source added.

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