Teenager Killer Onthatile Sebati Convicted in 2016 Family Murders Case

Onthatile  Sebati, who was only 15 at the time, has been found guilty of orchestrating the murders of her parents and siblings in 2016.

The now 23-year-old, along with her cousins Tumelo and Kagiso Mokone, faced charges of murder, theft, robbery, possession of a firearm, and possession of ammunition.

Onathatile Sebati has been found guilty of murder

Onthatile  Sebati has been found guilty of murder

The shocking crime unfolded in Mmakau, North West, leading to a recent conviction in the High Court in Pretoria.

Details of the murder

Sebati, who was just 15 in 2016, was convicted of conspiring with her cousins to kill her police officer father Solomon Lucky Sebati, her nurse mother Mmatshepo, her 19-year-old pregnant sister Tshegofatso, and her six-year-old brother Quinton.

The crime involved careful planning, with Sebati reportedly assisting her cousins in obtaining her father’s service firearm.

“The trio, who appeared in the High Court in Pretoria, were charged with murder, theft, robbery with aggravating circumstances, possession of a firearm, and possession of ammunition.” said Lumka Mahanjana a NPA Spokesperson in Gauteng

According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Sebati played a role in facilitating her cousins’ entry into her family’s home.

She reportedly opened the gate for them and provided her father’s car keys, enabling Tumelo to enter and carry out the tragic act.

According to Mahanjana, “Sebati went outside pretending to dispose of water but went to open the gate for the two and gave Kagiso her father’s car keys that were parked outside.”

The victims of this crime

The victims of this crime

After the crime, Tumelo and Kagiso fled in Sebati’s father’s car but later abandoned it.

Sebati confessed to her role in the murders five years later in 2021 later, leading to the arrests of her cousins.

Despite their initial denials, the accused later confessed during police interrogations.

“After their arrest, the two also made confessions to the police, stating the role they each played the night Onathatile Sebati’s family was killed.” as noted by Lumka Mahanjana.

Despite their initial denials and disputes over their confessions, the judge ruled the confessions admissible during the trial.

Onthatile Sebati and her co-accused and cousin Tumelo Mokone in court on Wednesday. The duo, with Mokone’s brother Kagiso, were found guilty of killing her parents, sister and brother in 2016.

The court heard that Onthatile Sebati paid her cousins R50,000 each for their involvement in the murders.

The judge ultimately agreed with the state’s presentation of overwhelming evidence, leading to guilty verdicts on all charges.

“During the judgment, the judge agreed with the state that it had overwhelming evidence against the three and the state was able to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.” Lumka Mahanjana would say

Onthatile Sebati and and co’s sentences

The sentencing proceedings for Onthatile Sebati and her cousins are scheduled for April 16 to 19.

The court will determine the appropriate consequences for this tragic event that has left a family shattered and a community in disbelief.

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