Nurse loses thousands after sending ewallet to people claiming to be cops

A horrifying incident unfolded at Mantshwabisi Clinic in Letlhakeng village as a 30-year-old nurse fell victim to a brazen robbery orchestrated by three imposters posing as police officers.

Last Thursday, during the lunch hour, the nurse, diligently attending to his duties, was unexpectedly confronted by the trio within the confines of his office.

The perpetrators, adept at deception, introduced themselves as officers hailing from the Serious Crime Squad, wielding what appeared to be legitimate police identification.

Their pretext? A supposed investigation into a recent bank loan procured by the nurse for the purchase of a vehicle amounting to R280,000.

However, keen observation by the nurse soon unveiled the charade. Detecting signs of inebriation in one of the imposters and questioning the authenticity of their credentials, the nurse’s suspicions were met with a menacing display.

One of the robbers brandished what resembled a firearm, coercing the nurse into transferring a staggering R24,000 via ewallet.

Overwhelmed by fear for his safety, the nurse acquiesced to the demands, initially transferring R20,000 followed by an additional R4,000.

The assailants, emboldened by their ill-gotten gains, made a swift escape in a Honda Fit adorned with mismatched license plates.

In a stroke of fortune, the nurse managed to evade further financial loss by promptly rushing to Molepolole to secure his bank account.

However, the perpetrators remain at large, eluding the grasp of justice.

The unsettling incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of frontline workers to such nefarious schemes.

Authorities urge heightened vigilance and caution, emphasizing the importance of verifying the credentials of individuals claiming authority.

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