Novak Djokovic’s physio suffered heart attack because of the stresses of world tour

Novak Djokovic’s journey to becoming one of the greatest tennis players of all time has been supported by a dedicated team of professionals, including his long-serving physiotherapist, Miljan Amanovic.

Amanovic, who has been an integral part of Djokovic’s career since 2007, recently faced a health scare that forced him to reassess his role in the Serbian star’s camp.

The stress of constant travel on the tennis tour took a toll on Amanovic, culminating in a heart attack that prompted him to step back from full-time duties with Djokovic.

Despite the setback, Amanovic continues to work with the world No. 1 at his tennis center in Serbia and accompanies him on a part-time basis during select tournaments.

Amanovic’s relationship with Djokovic dates back to before the Serb’s breakthrough Grand Slam victory in 2008, highlighting the physio’s crucial role in the player’s success.

Their partnership endured a brief interruption in 2017 when Djokovic overhauled his support team, leading to Amanovic’s departure along with other key personnel.

The physio’s return to Djokovic’s inner circle was marked by the aftermath of his health scare, as detailed in the book “Novak Djokovic: The Greatest of All Time.”

The book recounts how Amanovic’s heart attack in 2017 was directly linked to the demands of constant travel on the ATP Tour, underscoring the physical and mental challenges faced by those behind the scenes in professional tennis.

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