Nonku Williams tells her former boyfriend to back off and leave her alone

Well-known reality TV star, Nonku Williams, has issued a stern warning to her ex-boyfriend, Dumisani Ndlazi, also known as Rough Diamond, to cease harassing her and her family amidst their ongoing legal battle.

The dispute between the former couple arose after Williams accused Ndlazi of theft, leading to a heated exchange between the two parties.

In response to the alleged harassment, Williams, through her lawyer Donovan Reedy of Reddy INC, sent a letter demanding that Ndlazi provide a written undertaking to refrain from contacting her family or business associates.

Failure to comply with this request may result in legal action to prevent further harassment, with potential punitive costs against Ndlazi.

Reedy stated, “Our client vehemently denies any of the allegations of wrongdoing as suggested in your letter under reply. We reserve the right to reply more fully at the appropriate time and forum if necessary.”

In a retaliatory move, Ndlazi threatened to accuse Williams of defamation, citing his previous involvement and care for her family.

He claimed, “I took care of everyone in that family… her mother is still calling me, telling me I was the best man for her daughter.”

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