Nonku Williams scammed by her ex-boyfriend

Nonku Williams is a prominent figure on The Real Housewives of Durban.

She recently made headlines when she opened up about being scammed by her ex-lover, Dumisani ‘RD’ Ndlazi.

The reality star revealed that RD had stolen materials worth a staggering R300k from her construction company.

In a candid conversation with her sister on the show, Nonku didn’t hold back as she shared her shocking experience.

“He actually ended up stealing, by the way,” she said, clearly hurt and betrayed by RD’s actions.

“That man scammed me! He stole material from the site worth R300 000,” she added, emphasizing the extent of the deception.

It was rumoured that employees in Nonku’s construction company were aware of RD’s dishonest behavior but were too afraid to speak up.

Despite the allegations, RD vehemently denied any wrongdoing in a video posted on Instagram Live.

“I have never scammed Nonku. I have never taken even a single cent. Instead, I was the one who poured my money into her,” he stated, attempting to clear his name.

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