Nigerian couple arrested with R2 million worth of drugs

The relentless efforts of off-duty members of the ZFM High-Way Patrol, Upington Border Police, and Upington K9 unit led to the interception of a significant drug consignment on Sunday, 26 May 2024. Acting swiftly on received information, the team successfully seized drugs valued at over two million rand.

Nigerian couple caught with R2 Million drugs

The operation culminated in the interception of a silver Hyundai Sonata sedan on the N10 road outside Upington. Upon searching the vehicle, authorities discovered 9,315 mandrax tablets worth approximately R930,150, 2.012 kg of tik valued at R603,000, and 1.32 kg of crack cocaine estimated at R554,000.

In addition to the drugs, the team confiscated the vehicle, an undisclosed amount of cash, and cellphones. Two Nigerian nationals, a 42-year-old male and a 39-year-old female, were arrested for drug dealing and are expected to appear in court soon.

Lieutenant General Koliswa Otola, the Provincial Commissioner of the Northern Cape, commended the officers for their dedication in removing drugs from the streets and tightening the noose on drug dealers’ operations.


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