National minimum wage is now R27.58

The South African government has announced an increase in the national minimum wage from R25.42 to R27.58 per hour, effective from March 1.

The decision has been warmly welcomed by the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), who consider it a “positive” increase that will help protect the value of the national minimum wage and improve workers’ ability to support their families.

Cosatu believes that this increase will not only benefit workers but also have a positive impact on the economy.

They argue that the injection of additional income into workers’ pockets will act as a stimulus, encouraging economic growth and aiding job creation.

The increase in the national minimum wage is projected to provide relief to over six million workers who currently earn within this range.

Various sectors, including agriculture, domestic work, construction, retail, hospitality, transport, security, and cleaning, are expected to benefit the most from this wage hike.

While this increase is certainly a step in the right direction, some critics argue that it still falls short of what is needed to truly address the issue of low wages in South Africa.

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