Nadia Jaftha’s brother caught up in an abduction storm

Social media influencer Nadia Jaftha found herself in the midst of a family crisis as abuse and abduction allegations surfaced against her older brother, Taariq.

The disturbing revelations prompted Nadia to initially distance herself from Taariq, but she later deleted her statement, leaving many questioning the dynamics within the family.

The situation unfolded over the weekend when Dale Patience, a relative of the allegedly abused woman, took to Instagram Live to appeal for help in locating Allesha Danica, who is married to Taariq.

Patience’s emotional plea was shared on the Women For Change page, shedding light on the distressing circumstances surrounding Danica’s disappearance.

According to Patience, Danica had been planning to escape from Taariq, but her efforts were thwarted when he managed to track her down after she briefly fled with their youngest child, leaving behind her other four children.

Despite the family’s desperate attempts to locate Danica, including visits to various police stations, they were met with indifference and lack of assistance.

The troubling situation took a darker turn when Patience’s family reached out to Nadia and Taariq’s mother, Nawal, for help.

Shockingly, Nawal reportedly dismissed their concerns, callously stating, “don’t worry about her.”

This response left Danica’s family feeling abandoned and helpless in their quest to find their missing loved one.

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