Mother’s worst nightmare comes true as her son is peppered with bullets

The tragic loss of 20-year-old Alton Perry in a senseless shooting incident has left the community of Helenvale in Nelson Mandela Bay reeling with shock and grief.

Ursula Perry, Alton’s mother, recounted the harrowing moment she discovered her son’s lifeless body, a victim of a stray bullet in the ongoing gang violence plaguing the area.

Ursula Perry’s routine errand to pick up ingredients for dinner turned into a nightmare as she heard the chilling sounds of gunfire and screams echoing through the neighbourhood.

Racing back home, her worst fears were realized when she found Alton lying motionless in a pool of blood, a tragic casualty of the crossfire between rival gangs.

In the aftermath of the heartbreaking incident, Captain Andre Beetge of the police department confirmed that Alton Perry was struck by a stray bullet during the gang-related violence.

The community was left in shock as they witnessed the devastating impact of the violence, with another man, Johnny Swarts, surviving a separate shooting incident just hours later.

Ursula Perry’s profound grief and anguish were palpable as she described the pain of losing her beloved son, who had Down syndrome.

Alton was not just her child but her “little shadow,” a cherished presence in her life.

“Alton was my everything, my little shadow, and seeing him like that made me lose my mind,” she said.

“When I say I was praying, I mean I was praying with everything in me. I was numb and in shock, and I still am. His arms and legs were ice cold,” she said.

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