Mob justice kills Albert Stoy, 24, who was looking for his sister

Law enforcement officials strongly discouraged communities from taking the law into their hands and administering mob justice. This is not only because it turns law abiding citizens into criminals but also could lead to injury or death of innocence victims.

This was the case when Albert Stoy met a violent end after he was mistaken for a thief.

According to reports a incident of mob justice happened in Ivory Park, Gauteng, where an innocent man was mistakenly beaten to death by community members.

Mob justice attack Albert Stoy

Albert Stoy’s body recovered from Ivory Park River

The 24-year-old victim was allegedly beaten to death by residents of Lindokuhle Phase one after entering the wrong yard while heavily intoxicated.

Although he walked into the yard and called out for his sister, he was mistaken for a thief. In a panic the homeowner alerted the community of housebreaking and residents came out in numbers.

He was subjected to a fatal assault and subsequently dumped in the Ivory Park River. Despite efforts by the water rescue team, Albert’s lifeless body was recovered from the river.

Described as a well-known person who sold steel wool and toilet paper in the area, Albert’s family is urging the community to provide any information they may have regarding the tragic incident.

No arrests have been made so far.


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