Married KZN woman in real life drama as hubby steals money from account before hiring hitman to stage a kidnapping

A 34-year-old KZN woman found herself fighting for her life against her own husband in a chilling incident that unfolded on Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

Media reports indicate that the victim’s 37-year-old husband, Ramit Anee Rudh, orchestrated the plan under the guise of retrieving important documents from an attorney, leading his wife into a deadly trap.

Accompanied by her husband, the unsuspecting woman was driven to an isolated location in Amanzimtoti, where the situation quickly turned grim.

An accomplice named Kyle Clayton emerged, forcibly dragging the victim from the vehicle and subjecting her to a brutal assault.

Despite her desperate pleas for mercy, the assailants, including her husband, callously strangled her with a rope, causing her to lose consciousness.

Regaining consciousness in a sugar cane plantation in Ifafa, the victim realized the direness of her situation.

With her husband and another unidentified suspect nowhere to be found, she seized a moment of courage and leapt from the moving vehicle driven by Clayton.

Bruised and battered, she sought refuge with a compassionate employer who provided her with a means to contact her family.

Upon her return home, the victim discovered a significant sum of R34,000 was missing from her bank account, with suspicious transactions indicating her own funds were used to finance the attempt on her life.

Subsequently, she received threatening messages warning her against pursuing the matter further.

A criminal case has been filed with the Amanzimtoti SAPS, as law enforcement officers work tirelessly to locate and apprehend the suspects.

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