Man raped his stepdaughter since 2021 while his wife slept in the next room

A 51-year-old man from Moeti Ward in Maun allegedly raped his teenage step-daughter for many years.  He would sneak on the girl whole his wife slept in the next bedroom.

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, is said to have been preying on the 15-year-old girl since 2021, taking advantage of her whenever her mother was away.

According to Maun Police Station Commander Dennis Zilawe, the child had been suffering in silence, afraid of her abuser who had threatened to harm her if she spoke out.

It wasn’t until Wednesday, when the man reportedly snuck out of bed with his wife and assaulted the girl in another room, that she finally found the courage to confide in her mother.

“The child endured abuse since 2021 and never had the courage to report to anyone. However, on Wednesday after the stepfather raped her, she managed to tell her mother who then informed the child’s uncle and the matter was reported to the police,” Zilawe stated.

The child has since been placed in a safe location with the help of the social welfare office, while the police continue their investigation.

Meanwhile, the stepfather remains in police custody and is expected to appear before the Maun Magistrate court on Monday to face the legal consequences of his alleged actions.

This disturbing case serves as a reminder of the importance of speaking out against abuse and seeking help when needed.

As Zilawe emphasized, “It is crucial for victims of abuse to come forward and report such incidents so that justice can be served.”

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