Man dies shortly after completing his 12th Two Oceans Marathon

It was a day of triumph and tragedy at the Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon as seasoned runner Siraaj Toefy, 60, tragically passed away shortly after completing the gruelling race.

Toefy, hailing from Schaapkraal, crossed the finish line with a time of 5:30:30 before feeling unwell and being rushed to the hospital, where it was revealed that he had suffered a fatal stroke.

Survived by his wife Shireen, two daughters, and three grandchildren, Toefy’s sudden death has left his family and the running community reeling.

Speaking to The Voice, his daughter Mishkah Hendricks expressed her shock at her father’s passing, highlighting his vibrant spirit and unwavering positivity.

“He was never sick and had no ailments. He was a great father, grandfather, husband, and an amazing athlete,” she shared.

“My father will be missed in the running and cycling community as he was known by so many.”

A dedicated member of the Ommiedraai Friends Athletic Club and previously associated with the Central Athletics Club and Totalsports VOB Running Club, Toefy’s athletic accomplishments were nothing short of remarkable.

With 12 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons, four Comrades Marathons, and 25 Cape Town Cycle Tours under his belt, he was admired for his endurance and unwavering commitment to the sport.

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