Man bust for allegedly murdering his wife after claiming R3.29 million life insurance just 2 months after her death

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has revealed that culpable homicide charges may be added to the list of charges against Werner de Jager, the suspected wife killer.

De Jager, who allegedly killed his pastor wife Liezel on 13 October 2021, is already facing a charge of premeditated murder and two counts of fraud.

The NPA’s decision to consider culpable homicide charges highlights the seriousness of the case and the potential legal consequences De Jager may face.

Culpable homicide refers to the unlawful killing of a person through negligence or reckless behaviour.

If convicted, De Jager could face significant penalties, including imprisonment.

The addition of culpable homicide charges suggests that the authorities believe there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that De Jager’s actions resulted in his wife’s death.

This development may also indicate that the investigation has uncovered new information or evidence that strengthens the case against him.

In addition to the murder charge, De Jager is also accused of attempting to claim a substantial life insurance payout following his wife’s death.

He had taken out a policy worth R3.29 million just two months prior to the incident.

The fraud charges against him are related to unsuccessful claims he made to insurance companies Old Mutual and Momentum.

The alleged attempt to profit from his wife’s death adds another disturbing layer to this tragic case.

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