Mamelodi police station cop tries to kill lover before committing suicide

A 42-year-old police officer stationed at Mamelodi police station attempted to take the life of his girlfriend with his service pistol before turning the gun on himself on Tuesday, February 27.

The couple’s relationship was reportedly on the rocks in the days leading up to the incident, with tensions escalating from an argument that began on Monday, February 19 at the police station.

Mamelodi Police station

According to Siyabuswa police spokesperson, Captain Magonseni Nkosi, the officer’s girlfriend had accused him of having an affair with his ex-lover, which obviously denied.

In retaliation, the officer also accused his girlfriend of cheating.

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According to the Record their parents tried to solve the matter by getting them to agree to be separated

“The girlfriend also had to give back the officer’s cellphone, an iPhone 11.

“The girlfriend said on February 26 at around 20:00, he phoned her and requested to come over,” said Nkosi.

The victim agreed as he had promised not to fight.

“He arrived at about 22:00 and said they were going to be on the front page; she locked the room and put the key in her pocket,” said Nkosi.

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According to Mahlangu, the girlfriend recalled that the officer spent the entire evening before the incident repeatedly cocking his firearm, creating a tense atmosphere. Despite the unease, they eventually went to bed and fell asleep.

The next morning, tensions resurfaced, and the couple began arguing once more around 07:00. During the heated exchange, the officer, still armed, accidentally dropped his firearm at one point, escalating the already volatile situation.

“The girlfriend quickly grabbed it and threw it outside the window.

“The officer then broke the window and went out to get his firearm,” said Mahlangu.

The police officer fired one shot from outside and then entered the house through that window.

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Mahlangu said the girlfriend managed to get out of the house through another window and ran to her uncle’s place.

The girlfriend says she heard two shots fired inside the house.

“She came back with her uncle and found the victim lying on the bed with one bullet wound to the head,” Mahlangu added.

Nkosi concluded that the loss of their member  from Mamelodi police station had left the police force heartbroken.

Police have an opened an inquest case and have started with the investigations.


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