Malawian national arrested for molesting neighbours 3 children

A 29-year-old Malawian national was apprehended and beaten by the community after allegedly fondling three sisters while they slept in their room in Hazelmere, KZN, during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Malawian arrested

Residents contacted Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) requesting assistance at the scene. Upon arrival, Reaction Officers met with the parents of the three girls, aged nine, fourteen, and eighteen.

The parents explained that the children were asleep in a single-room outbuilding when their neighbour entered, removed the blanket covering the girls, and began fondling them.

One of the girls woke up and called for help from their parents, who were asleep in the main building. The suspect fled, but the sisters identified him as their neighbour. His sandals were found in their room.

The parents and community members searched the area and located the suspect at a nearby tuckshop.

They assaulted him and contacted RUSA for assistance. During questioning, the suspect denied the allegations, claiming he was in the yard searching for a friend. He admitted his sandals were missing but could not explain how they ended up in the children’s room.

The suspect was arrested and handed over to the Verulam police for further investigation.


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