Maimane faces corruption storm

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has refuted claims that he disregarded corruption allegations within the City of Tshwane during his tenure.

The Citizen reports that accusations surfaced just days before South Africa’s upcoming elections, casting a shadow over Maimane’s current campaign as leader of Build One SA.

Tshwane spokesperson Selby Bokaba publicly accused Maimane of turning a deaf ear to his attempts to expose corruption within the DA-led metro in 2019.

Bokaba alleged that Maimane refused to hear his concerns, even resorting to dismissive language.

“In one of the calls, I greeted him saying: ‘Hi Mmusi’, and his response was: ‘I’m not Mmusi to you’,” Bokaba stated, suggesting Maimane shielded individuals close to him from accountability.

However, Maimane vehemently denied these claims, stating he holds no recollection of such an encounter.

He defended his track record, emphasizing his commitment to tackling corruption within the City of Tshwane during his time as DA leader.

“If you speak to the city manager of Tshwane, he will testify of how I challenged and acted against any allegations and acts of corruption,” Maimane asserted.

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