Limpopo prophet found surrounded by hungry crocodiles

The remains of a 48-year-old prophet from Atok who drowned during a prayer service were discovered on Tuesday, surrounded by crocodiles.

The tragic incident that occurred at Lepelle (Olifants) River in Limpopo serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with engaging in unsafe activities near hazardous water bodies.

According to the police, three “prophets” had gone to the overflowing river for a prayer session.

While conducting their prayers, one of the prophets suddenly experienced difficulties and drowned in the crocodile-infested river.

It is suspected that he was attacked by crocodiles during the baptism ceremony.

The other two men tried to search for their colleague but were unsuccessful.

This incident highlights the need for caution and awareness when engaging in activities near dangerous water bodies.

Police spokesperson Col Malesela Ledwaba emphasized the importance of refraining from endangering lives by swimming or conducting spiritual practices in hazardous rivers, dams, or water streams.

Acting Limpopo police commissioner Maj-Gen Jan Scheepers echoed this sentiment, urging communities to prioritize their safety and avoid engaging in risky activities near water bodies.

Crocodiles are known to be territorial and aggressive creatures, especially in areas where they are prevalent.

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