CONFIRMED| Limpopo business tycoon, Theo Mphosi, was poisoned to death

The family of the late businessman Theophilus Mphosi has announced that two experts have confirmed he was poisoned. However, they have complained about the delay in the release of the state’s pathology report in what has now become a murder investigation.

Theo Mphosi

Theo Mphosi

Mphosi, who headed the Rheinland Group of companies, died suddenly on June 5, 2022, at the age of 40.

According to his bodyguard, Mphosi began having seizures while returning from a tombstone unveiling, despite having no prior complaints of coughing or pain. An initial autopsy concluded shortly after his death attributed the cause to pneumonia.

However, Mphosi’s sister, Moditswi Cindrella Ramokoto, doubted this diagnosis and suspected poisoning. In August last year, she approached the Limpopo High Court in Polokwane, requesting that Mphosi’s remains be exhumed for a second autopsy. The court granted her application, and his body was exhumed in September.

In a statement on Wednesday, the family disclosed that two independent forensic pathologists, appointed by both the family and the court, conducted thorough examinations on samples collected during the exhumation. Both experts independently concluded that Mphosi’s death was due to poisoning.

“However, despite the findings of the private forensic pathologists, the criminal investigation and subsequent prosecution cannot proceed without the official report from the appointed state pathologist. This report is a critical piece of evidence required to move the case forward,” the family said.

The family stated that the delay in the release of the state’s pathology report is causing significant distress and is seen as a hindrance to justice. They emphasized that without this report, law enforcement officials are unable to take the necessary steps to further investigate, charge, and prosecute those responsible for Mphosi’s death.

The family highlighted that timely forensic reports are crucial in criminal investigations, especially in cases involving potential foul play.

When asked for comment, Limpopo health department spokesperson Neil Shikwambana said that the head of forensic pathology has concluded the report.

“The report has been signed off and handed over to the SAPS who are the custodian of the report,” Shikwambana said.


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