Lady of the night testifies about her last encounter with Mkhwanazi’s client

In a trial at the Johannesburg High Court, a worker testified about the events leading up to the disappearance and death of Joyce Moyo.

Moyo was picked up by a client in downtown Johannesburg and was last seen by the witness, who was with her at the time.

The witness described the client’s vehicle as a small van with a canopy.

The witness further testified that she saw the same vehicle at a workshop on the day the bodies were discovered.

The driver of the car arrived on the street around 7 pm on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

The driver called the witness over, and although he did not speak, he pointed at Moyo.

This trial is part of a larger case involving Sifiso Mkhwanazi, who is accused of raping and killing six sex workers in Johannesburg.

The bodies of the victims were found in different locations at Mkhwanazi’s father’s workshop.

The testimony of the witness sheds light on the last moments of Joyce Moyo’s life and provides crucial information about the accused’s involvement.

The court proceedings aim to establish the truth and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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