KZN man is looking for his mother who dumped him when he was aged just 2 days old

A heart-wrenching video of a KwaZulu-Natal man in search of his mother has touched the hearts of many on social media.

The man, who was abandoned by his mother outside his father’s place when he was just two days old, has been on a quest to find her ever since.

In a chance encounter with Nazareth Baptist Church leader, Inkosi Mduduzi Shembe, at a filling station, the man poured out his pain and shared his story.

He believes that his mother named him Mduduzi, as evidenced by a letter from her to his father in the early 90s.

Despite his father changing his name to Slwanhe, the man has never forgotten the name his mother gave him.

His journey to find her has led him to Ukhozi FM in 2013, where he hoped to reach a wider audience through radio personality Dudu “Lady D” Khoza.

Growing up in Maphumulo without his mother, the man had a difficult childhood and did not even attend school.

His father, who was unaware of his struggles, only discovered the truth in 1997 when he returned home from working in Joburg.

Desperate to reunite with his mother, the man shared that he spotted her in a taxi in 2015 and has been trying to track her down ever since.

Despite the challenges he has faced, including living on the streets at one point, he has managed to turn his life around and now works as an Uber driver.

In a touching moment with Inkosi Shembe, the man expressed his desire to meet his mother and introduce her to his four young sons.

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