KZN man brutally stabbed while shopping, neighbour immediately arrested

A man in his forties got brutally stabbed while he was shopping at the Verulam Market on Wick Street in Verulam CBD, which is in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

According to reports, Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) received a call for help from concerned residents following the attack. Reaction Officers rushed over and arrived at the scene around 7:09 in the morning.

They found the victim lying in a pool of blood. He had been stabbed multiple times all over his body.

While an Officer was on the way to the scene, someone on Ireland Street stopped them.

This person admitted to being the one who was responsible for the brutal attack and handed over a Okapi knife covered in blood.

The murder weapon

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Reason the KZN man was stabbed

The suspect revealed that they both live in Inanda, KZN, and that the victim is HIS neighbour. He claims that they have had lots of arguments with the injured man before.

He stated that at some point he got arrested because the victim said he had raped their four-year-old niece. However, the suspect believes that the victim fabricated the story and convinced his sister to lie about him to the police.

When the suspect saw the victim this morning at the market, he was engulfed with anger and started viciously stabbing him.

Suspect taken into custody

The victim was severely injured and as a result could not provide the police with any information. He was quickly taken to the hospital by his family.

The suspect has been taken into custody to the Verulam police station.


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