Kelly Khumalo allegedly paid Izinkabi R100,000 for Senzo Meyiwa’s murder

The ongoing trial in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria has brought to light shocking revelations regarding the murder of soccer star Senzo Meyiwa in 2014.

The court heard disturbing details from the alleged confessions of the accused, shedding new light on the tragic incident.

According to the alleged statements, Kelly Khumalo, Meyiwa’s then-girlfriend, was implicated as the alleged mastermind behind his murder, with startling accusations surfacing during the proceedings.

The alleged confession of the number one accused, Muzi Sibiya, revealed chilling information, including the claim that Kelly Khumalo was charged R100,000 for orchestrating Meyiwa’s killing.

The statements of the accused, Muzi Sibiya and Bongani Ntanzi, as read out in court, painted a harrowing picture of the events leading up to the soccer star’s untimely death.

Police officer Solomon Raphadu, who took Ntanzi’s alleged confession, testified about the details shared by Ntanzi regarding the planned murder.

The statement described how Kelly Khumalo allegedly initiated the job to eliminate Senzo Meyiwa, with specific roles assigned to each individual involved in the plot.

Ntanzi’s alleged statement detailed the events of the fateful day, recounting the struggle that ensued, leading to Meyiwa’s fatal shooting.

“I was briefed that the person [to be] eliminated or to be killed was Senzo Meyiwa and the matter was initiated by Kelly Khumalo who was going to make a payment for the whole job. We were positioned accordingly that Nkani would be the driver.”

“Muzi would be the guard and myself and Carlos will get inside Kelly’s house. Maphisa will be outside,” explains Raphadu.

Then, details about the day of Meyiwa’s killing and how the soccer star was shot dead.

“I went in with Carlos and others took their positions as discussed throughout the planning. When we entered the house, Carlos shouted phansi imali [lie down … money] and cellphones.”

“I started collecting money and cellphones. As I was doing, so Senzo jumped to Carlos and the struggle ensued where one shot went off and the second shot hit Senzo as the firearm was pointed at his chest.”

Then, how Ntanzi’s statement states that he received thousands of rand just after the scene was fled and more thousands the following day.

Raphadu says, “At the hostel, I received R15 000, I then left with Nkani to Johannesburg where I slept over. The following day he took me to Daveyton where I stayed for some days. Nkani returned and took out a further R30 000 and gave me.”

The confession further outlined the payments received by Ntanzi after the incident, highlighting the chilling aftermath of the crime.

Additionally, the court heard Sibiya’s alleged confession, which implicated Kelly Khumalo as the instigator of the plan to kill Meyiwa.

The statement detailed how Sibiya received a call from his friends, Marco and Makhimba Buthelezi, who informed him about the job and the payment involved in the alleged murder plot.

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