5-year-old Keeya dies after being found in a pink suitcase

A 5-year-old girl, Keeya Mbulawa, was reportedly abducted from her home in Protea Glen, Johannesburg, on January 15, 2024, by a woman living in the same yard.

She was playing with other kids when the Nonhle Matsebula who resided with Keeya’s family, allegedly abducted her.

Keeya kidnapped

Keeya Mbulawa

After seeing Nonhle leaving with a suitcase and realising that her daughter was missing, Keeya’s mother decided to follow Nonhle.

The mother stopped her, as she attempted to leave in an e-healing vehicle with a big pink suitcase. She confronted her and told her that she cannot leave until her baby girl has been found.

The suspect then claimed to be in a rush and caused a scene before running away.

Keeya found in a pink suitcase

Keeya lies in a coma

Keeya’s mother opened the suitcase and discovered Keeya’s lifeless body with a sock stuffed in her mouth. The child had been drugged and strangled with a black cable.

Keeya rushed to hospital

The child was rushed to the hospital using an e-hailing service, but she died after spending two days in a coma.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) is actively searching for the suspect, Nonhle Matsebula, who has not yet been apprehended. A murder case has been filed against her.


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