Ke jile ke jile – Thabo Smol reveals how he smashed Zodwa Wabantu

Musical group Black Motion member Thabo Smol has found himself in the spotlight once again, this time for his alleged encounter with controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu.

The saga unfolded in 2021 when Zodwa made shocking revelations about her intimate moment with Thabo, sending shockwaves through social media.

In a candid confession to Lasizwe Dambuza, Zodwa didn’t hold back as she disclosed details of her rendezvous with Thabo Smol.

She boldly stated, “The famous person that I had s_x with, I think, three weeks ago was Thabo of Black Motion. Yes, we had s_x.”

Zodwa’s unapologetic attitude and openness about the encounter sparked a frenzy online.

Responding to the viral claims, Thabo Smol took to social media to address the situation head-on.

In a video post, he confirmed the authenticity of Zodwa’s claims, stating, “I was also not seeing anyone else at the time; hence, I did what I did.”

Despite the public scrutiny, Thabo remained resolute in his stance, urging others to respect the mother of his child.

Recently, Thabo Smol sat down for an interview with MacG on Podcast And Chill, where he delved deeper into his encounter with Zodwa Wabantu.

During the conversation, Thabo recounted his experience with Zodwa, revealing that she had expressed her intentions clearly and directly.

The two shared a wild and unforgettable moment together.

Zodwa didn’t hold back in her appraisal, commending Thabo for his prowess and dedication in the act.

She described him as a “beast” despite his size, highlighting his exceptional skills and stamina.

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