Joburg hit by another strong earth tremor

Another strong earth tremor has struck some parts of Johannesburg.

In recent years, the province has experienced a number of tremors, causing concern among residents.

While earthquakes are not common in this region, they do occur occasionally due to the geological activity beneath the surface.

The tremor that occurred on Tuesday was felt across several parts of Johannesburg and the West Rand.

Social media was abuzz with people sharing their experiences and speculating on the magnitude of the tremor.

One user on Twitter wrote, “I was sitting at my desk when suddenly everything started shaking. It was quite scary, but thankfully it didn’t last long.”

Gauteng Weather, a popular weather tracking account, shared details of the tremor on social media.

They tweeted, “Earth tremor felt in various parts of Johannesburg and the West Rand. Stay safe and be cautious.”

The Council for Geoscience (CGS) is responsible for monitoring and reporting on seismic activity in South Africa.

They are yet to confirm the magnitude of the tremor, but according to Volcano Discovery, it was a 3.0 earthquake.

Fortunately, there have been no immediate reports of any damages or injuries caused by the tremor.

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