2 Job seekers dead and others injured during mass shooting at a recruitment agency

Chaos and tragedy struck a crowd of hopeful job seekers outside PLH Group, a recruitment agency in Klerksdorp, as gunmen unleashed a hail of bullets, leaving two people dead. The incident occurred on Friday morning.

According to SA Truckers. two men tragically lost their lives, while three others sustained serious injuries during the shooting.

Klerksdorp South African Police Service (SAPS) confirmed the deaths of two males and the hospitalization of three others.

Colonel Adele Myburgh of the Klerksdorp SAPS provided preliminary details, stating, “Two men were killed and three others injured when gunmen opened fire at a group of men on the corner of Van Zyl and Lombard Street.”

She further revealed that among the victims, four had applied for positions as truck drivers, while the fifth was an unfortunate bystander unconnected to the group.

The victims, aged 33 and 26, tragically became targets of assailants as they were leaving the recruitment agency after submitting their job applications.

The three gunmen allegedly fled the scene in a Toyota Quest following the shooting.

Despite ongoing investigations, the motive behind the shooting remains unclear.

However, speculation has arisen linking the attack to disgruntled truck drivers who may have harbored grievances against a trucking company associated with the PLH Group.

Reports suggest that tensions had been simmering between the company and former employees who were dismissed, fueling suspicions that this conflict could have sparked the violent assault.


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