Duduzile claims that Former President, Jacob Zuma, never attempted to make a grand entrance

MK Party (MKP) member Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla has refuted claims that her father, Jacob Zuma, attempted to make a grand entrance at the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) results announcement on Sunday, contrary to what some other party members have stated.

In a viral video, MKP members are seen confronting security officials at the IEC’s national results operations center in Midrand as President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered a speech accepting the final results.

For security reasons, the doors to the center were closed during Ramaphosa’s speech. MKP member Thami Mthethwa alleged that Zuma was outside the center but was unable to gain entry.

Mthethwa is a staunch supporter of Zuma and a former human resources official in Tshwane municipality.

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“[Zuma] is outside, why did they close the door? We cannot wait for one man to speak there,” Mthethwa told reporters.

Zuma-Sambudla, however, dismissed Mthethwa’s claims.

“Zuma was holding meetings all day and never attempted to attend any gathering of vote riggers,” she said.

Over the weekend, Jacob Zuma called for a rerun of the national and provincial elections, alleging vote rigging despite the MKP achieving a record-breaking result of over two million votes in its first electoral contest.

No new South African party has achieved more than two million votes since 1994.

“Nobody must force us to accept the results because the results are not correct. If you say so, the institutions must satisfy us that they have looked into the issues raised.

“We are going to need the time. Nobody must declare tomorrow [Sunday]. If that happens, people will be provoking us,” Zuma said on Saturday.


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