Invisible snake torments villagers

The mysterious presence of a snake in the Molopye River has long been a topic of discussion in Ntlhantlhe village.

While there is no concrete evidence to support the claims, the belief in the snake’s existence runs deep within the community.

The recent tragic death of Tumelo Mokgethisi has only fueled the speculation surrounding the mythical creature.

“We are alive to the talk making rounds, as people of this village, we know of the snake myth but I believe he slipped and drowned. at river is deep, I was at the scene when he was retrieved, I believe he got stuck,” he said.

Despite the lack of proof, the fear of the snake has been ingrained in the minds of the villagers for generations.

The elders’ stern warnings to stay away from the river only added to the mystique surrounding the supposed snake.

As a result, many residents are quick to attribute any unfortunate incidents, such as drownings, to the snake’s presence.

However, not everyone is convinced of the snake’s existence.

Some, like Motsereganyi Tshekoeng, believe that the recent drowning was simply a tragic accident. He dismisses the snake talk as superstition and instead points to the dangerous nature of the river itself.

Others, like Magwasi Modingwane, acknowledge the possibility of the snake’s presence, citing past incidents of mysterious deaths in the river.

The conflicting beliefs within the community highlight the complexity of the situation.

While some remain steadfast in their belief in the snake, others are more skeptical. The lack of concrete evidence only adds to the mystery surrounding the Molopye River and its alleged inhabitant.

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